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Web Developer

Self-taught Web Developer with 2 years of experience. My passion started with designing using Wordpress (as a non-programmer), but slowly ran into tons of restriction in terms of design & development. Knowing that if I want to pursue this route, I have to expand my knowledge, and learn to code. I accidentally bumped into VueJS on Youtube, and started to fall in love with it. My Web Dev learning curve is weird, I know, but eventually I learnt HTML, CSS and Javascript and able to develope the web functionality, and design that I want.


Data Scientist

I studied Bachelor of Actuarial Science for my tertiery education. I had the opportunity to learn programming language such as R, SAS and VBA, for some analytic studies. I realised there's so many ground yet to be discovered, thus self-taught myself Python for Data Science. To furthermore utilize the model that I've trained, I learn to pickled up the model, and run it on Flask (Python Web Framework).



I was a second-gen Christian, and throughtout this journey of faith, I have moments of weak, blind and direction-less. I still clearly remember the days God touches me, He healed me from broken-ness, carried my through the darkness, forgave me for my sinfulness. I wouldn't be in this position right now, if not for Him. I'm hoping that by sharing information to others, the message of Hope, and Love can be spread around.